Vision & Mission


StreetX seeks to provide a profitable and user-friendly peer-to-peer (P2P) trading experience of cryptocurrency worldwide. The exchange provides faster and simpler way of trading and selling cryptocurrencies. This development eliminates the gap between individuals who want to sell and buy cryptocurrencies. There is no need for the big exchanges, tedious setup, and following know your customers (KYC) procedures that are usually present in traditional online crypto exchanges.

StreetX is determined to be a leading crypto P2P platform in the industry, which is managed by a highly capable team with a diverse background in fintech, cryptocurrency, trading, and mining. Also, it is being supported by a community of recognised advisors, investors, crypto advocates, and blockchain trainers. With their technical expertise, this provides a full-service team that brings the exchange’s vision to become a reality.

StreetX envisions a free, democratic, and secured cryptocurrency trading that enables all investors to participate and make full use of the innovative financial disruption with ease, confidence, and without any inhibitions.


StreetX provides a profitable and user-friendly P2P trading experience for its partners and the general public. The exchange is focused on achieving faster and simpler means to trade and sell cryptocurrencies. We want to build a state-of-the-art exchange platform that our partners’ fully trust and assist them in all their undertakings.

With our team’s experience, combined with our highly competent experts in professional cryptocurrency, traders, and miners, StreetX aspires to be the best crypto P2P platform in the industry.